Our purpose is to create the foundation for the best people around us to drive social change programs together and make the significant positive impact globally.

This foundation is driven by the people who are successful in their careers, who carry a vast ocean of knowledge and have an intense passion to make the wonders to the society.

What skill we have

10X Speed
Lean Six-sigma
Program Management

Create Values
Highly Motivated
Cost optimized
Happy Team!


What we want to share

Sharing ingredients of the successes and rich experience for social change programs and creating strong and best foundation for youngsters to play around.

Empowering Education in Billagumba

Empowering education in Billagumba program by Gerlin Hendry and Team

Efforts by local teams, NXP volunteers, and the Best People Foundation empower rural students with computer access, digital literacy, and awareness of electronics careers.”


Making of Kalams

“Ethical principles, human dignity, empathy, and mutual respect drive our efforts. Leaders inspire visionaries, ignite students’ imaginations, and foster excellence.”

Making of Kalams, a program designed to make new leaders with integrity and visioary

Embracing Equity

Embracing Equity by Gerlin Hendry

We are committed to fostering equity by empowering skill development among underprivileged students. We achieve this through hands-on workshops, providing tangible opportunities for new IT career insights.


Lets Assemble PC

Empowerment is not just giving opportunities

By having skill and applying knowledge, We empower.

lets assemble PC

Product Development with Microbit

Helmat Wiper using Micorbit by Gerlin Hendry

Early thinking on product idea, design and development helps students community to bring more confidence for developing the products in the future

We strongly believe these give greater opportunities for students to get more innovative products to the world in their early-age


Lets Play with Robotics

Lets Play with Robotics

To create curiosity among the students on the Robots and its applications, we organized the overview session to our school children

This is one of the nice exposure to students on electronics, robots and, automation...


Microbit for all

Microbit for All

Microbit is not only for the privileged communities. Our team makes it reachable to all our friends.
We created the platform and curiosity with Microbits and every students showed the passion towards learning...

We planted the seed and surely it becomes a giant miracle.


Lets Play with Electronics

One of the Best ways to solve the social gap and poverty in our world is to share the knowledge to underprivileged and create the foundation for their early-age innovations.

It's our core responsibility to use our best entrepreneurship skills for social causes.

lets play with electronics

Good To Great Teachers - Program 02

Good to Great Teachers

We created a nice foundation for teachers to learn more advanced skills from handpicked training materials from TED, Khan Academy, Google and other educational sites and arranged the mechanism to track their goals to learn and inculcate those skills to students.

There are around 850+ students who get benefits from this program.


Global Exposure for Next Generation

Global Exposure

The purpose of this initiative is “Creating a platform for Developing the Next Generation of Creative Leaders with Global Exposure”.

Special Thanks to De Bloktempel school in the Netherlands


Empowering Best Futures

For Student, By Students

Engineering Student - Ramaiah Institute of Technology

Engineering Student from Ramaiah Institute of Technology host the "Empowering Best Future" program for less-privileged youth to get exposure, learn and grow in their career!

Join 'Empowering Best Futures' - a transformative educational initiative bridging the expertise with aspirations. Engage in knowledge-sharing sessions led by college volunteers, empowering underprivileged schools with technology, innovation, and hope for a brighter tomorrow.


Job Opportunities

“If you’re lucky enough to do well, it’s your responsibility to send the elevator back down.” - Jack Lemmon

We are successful and we know the in and out of corporate culture, business dynamics, special ingredients of the career growth in our corporate life.

But if we look back, someone gave us our first opportunity to perform and shine.

Now it's best time for us to create those opportunities and share the career success factors to talented young people from the less-privileged communities.

It makes the bigger positive impact and fast track development of the whole society.


Job Opportunities

We are building a strong platform to help talented young people from underprivileged backgrounds gain new experiences, learn, and advance in their careers. Our goal is to create entrepreneurial / job opportunities for students in rural areas.

Design Thinking Workshop

Creating a unique platform for less-privileged people to know learn and grow in their career!

To engage the students in a Design Thinking Workshop to help them understand the importance of Education and motivate them to go to school by overcoming existing challenges. This workshop also helps inculcate in them the values of teamwork, lateral thinking and problem solving.


Design Thinking Workshop

Best People Foundation - Prasanna Thavamani

Prasanna Thavamani

Design Expert
Best People Foundation - Nivya Devaiah

Nivya Devaiah

Design Expert
Best People Foundation - Idrees Alvi

Idrees Alvi

Technology Expert
Best People Foundation - Aparna Kongot

Aparna Kongot

Design Expert
Best People Foundation - Anand


Gerlin Hendry

Gerlin Hendry

Program Design

Cultivating Leadership

To achieve the highest standards of excellence in teaching, the unique program "Cultivating Leadership" is designed for teachers to gain the leadership qualities and move from "self awareness" to "self esteem". With the best-in-class practices, Teacher community get the greater confidence on their leadership skill and influence their students in everyday life.

Strategic Vision Implementations

Cultivating Leadership

Best People Foundation - Brijesh


Best People Foundation - Raaja Vishnu

Raaja Vishnu

Subject Specialist
Best People Foundation


Subject Specialist
Best People Foundation


Brain Techniques

Other Interesting Programs

Free Computer Lab

Free Computer Lab

The free computer lab is setup in the identified Government / Government aided school. These computer labs will be used by teachers and students for learning and practicing computer programs to improve the quality of knowledge on par with global top class schools. Along with lab set up, the complete maintenance of computer lab will be taken care by trust.

Let's Make Wonders

Revolutionary reuse for promoting the reading habit.

Lets Make Wonders

"Lets Make Wonders" is an initiative towards creating the platform for rural students in India schools to get more exposure to design, leadership and other key values. It creates the web platform to connect the three dots - Corporate, Schools and Passionate people and enable in meaningful way to make solid value-adds to rural students.


Genius and Smart

Sharing Knowledge for making Positive Social Impact!

The "Genius and Smart" program creates an effective platform for passionate people to share their knowledge by conducting various value-added programs to Government school students and teachers and contribute to make bigger positive impact in the society.

Genius and Smart

Free Computer Courses

Free Computer Courses

The well trained person with industry skill will be available in school time to conduct various computer courses to teachers as well as students from class 01 to 08. The program is designed along with school principal in such a way that it exactly fit with existing class periods and everyone get equal chance to utilize this set up, learn and grow.

Smart Career Guide

Reducing the Social Gap on privileged vs. less-privileged student's career choices.

Smart Career Guide

The students from Government school get less exposure in career thinking compare with private school.

Availability of the information is more critical for less-privileged students to get visibility on different career options, technical details, future requirements to compete with other students.

Currently the students are studying subjects by memorizing for exams without knowing where and how to apply.

e.g. "Sales Tax and VAT" explained in 9th standard commerce subject is not fully understood from real life point of it though they seen many bills in everyday life. Instead of understanding the real time usage, they simply memorize the content and write the exam to pass it.

To make it simple and effective understanding, we are taking help from the people who already shine in the career to explain and demonstrate how they are using those concepts taught in schools. This helps them to understand the basis of the subject and have the opportunities do correlate to real time usage.

Students targeted: Standard 8th to 10th is curtailed to decide on the career path.