You must remember that the only way to solve poverty in this country is to create more jobs, this requires entrepreneurship. -- Narayan Murthy, Infosys

Positive Social Change Global Leaders - Program

To reduce the social gap and provide right opportunities for “highly talented team from less privileged” community in India, we organize skill development programs, various technical workshops, hands-on software development jobs and make them PRO in technologies.

We are joining hands with successful global business people and creating the platform to provide life changing job opportunities for technically talented people from less privileged community.

Our social care global business leaders are not giving fishes as food where as with their passion, they are teaching them how to fish by sharing success secretes and creating job opportunities for them.

This platform creates win-win for both businesses and social as well as set right path to get great opportunities for youngsters from less privileged communities.

Students (Dropouts) with potentials and constraints


  • Good logical sense
  • Easy to grab info
  • Passion to settle in life
  • Make huge support for his/her family.


  • English Language barrier
  • Not expose to corporate culture
  • Communication problem


Enabled learning platform to college and diploma dropouts to explore the software engineering and given the guidance to develop some of the simple financial product and guiding them on marketing

The three guys from village who had lot of passion about computer hardware but could not join the college due to financial condition met us in one of the coffee shop as service boys. By analyzing their passion, we create the platform for them to learn during their free time. Within 3 months they become IT server supporting guys who can handle few servers as system administrators. Now we are working on few the business for them.

To empower the a girl from poor family who could not finish the diploma in computer science and got only sales girl job in small size garments, we train her with few critical skills and made as computer teacher for few of Government schools with decent salary.

We give hands on experience in Microsoft office products and share point to one of school out person who had plans to do auto driver job to qualify him as front office

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