We are one of the passionate team got inspired from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and just want to carry his dream as ours.

Vision : We envision a world where the collective efforts of successful and passionate individuals create a lasting and positive impact on society, driving meaningful change for generations to come.
Mission : Our mission is to empower and unite a community of driven and knowledgeable individuals to collaborate and drive meaningful social change globally.


The Best People Foundation is a registered PUBLIC CHARITABLE TRUST focusing various social change programs.

The fundamental objective of the foundation is creating the platform to join hands and drive positive social change.

The people behind the foundation who are passionate, motivated, selfdriven, committed for social change. The team has highly successful people in the respective careers and their passion to share their knowledge gathered over the years to serve for the social change.

Each program is designed based on the knowledge available and the needs we observe from the society. The foundation enables to design and drive various programs on education improvements for students and leadership improvement programs for teachers in Government / Government aided schools in India, creating job opportunities and sharing meaningful information to bring confidence to underprivileged society.

The foundation enables and ensures the result and success benefits are directly credited to the individual contributors who makes the impact.

Best People Foundation

Global Social Change Leaders

Founder of Best People Foundation

Gerlin Hendry

Soundar - Social Influencer

Soundar Raj

Sponsor and Social Influencer
Ag Alphonse

Ag Alphonse

Influencer - Role Model



Dr. Sankara Narayanan

Coach and Social Influencer

Ramani Venkataramani

Sponsor and Social Influencer

Mohan Rao

Prinicipal & Social Change Leader


Social Change Leader
Kalathil Brijesh


Edwin Van De Merbel

Edwin van de Merbel

Global Culture & Social Change Leader

Inspiring Story from an African Tribe

The sweets placed near tree and he announced to children that whoever reaches first would get all the sweets.
When he said Go, all of them held each other's hand, walk together, pick and divide the sweets equally amoung themselves and enjoyed eating.
When he asked why they did so, they replied "UBUNTU", means "how can one be happy when the others not happy"


Lets speard the happiness with UBUNTU attitude